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Firmware updates 2017
Hi, my name is Cristian, I recently bought a gsm controller V3, and I tried to utilise it for monitoring the presence of voltage at the power socket in my home (230v AC). I did it like this:
I powered the controller from a 230v AC to 18v DC adapter which was sold with the unit, and the adaptor went into a UPS outlet for power source.
I get another 230vAC to 5vDC adaptor and link its hot wire to INP1D and the null wire to GND on the digital inputs socket.
In the Event Config tab of ControllTools I set the INP1D low state to throw a SMS with "no voltage" text and a high state SMS with "voltage present" text
1. At measuring with multimeter, the 5vDC adaptor output was showing 7,8vDC - probably because the voltage on my grid was 240+vAC;
2. All the digital inputs (1 to 3) gave a measure of 1,91vDC without anything being coupled with them.
The result: Every time I would have the controller linked by USB with the PC (Windows7), the software will no longer work properly (it shows a "cant communicate" type of error) and stop displaying info on the state of inputs on Control Panel window (with auto refresh at 3s checked).
The controller continues to receive and respond to sms but not to software control (even after removing and reattaching of the USB cord and restarting the Controlltools). At the 1234:version sms the response was SW 1,37. On your website the most recent firmware I found was v1-25, so I thought the firmware was gone corrupt somehow so I downloaded and upgraded the firmware to v25. Now I cant use Controll Tools software at all.
My questions are:
1.How can I resolve the firmware problem?
2.How can I get the controller to warn me when it is no power on my home grid (230vAC)?
3.How can I get a warning SMS when PT1000 detects a value of 80 degrees Celsius?
Thank you,

riomax post_id=13732 time=1509103054 user_id=6329 napisał(a):1.How can I resolve the firmware problem?
riomax post_id=13732 time=1509103054 user_id=6329 napisał(a):In Monday I will send the new soft version

[quote=riomax post_id=13732 time=1509103054 user_id=6329]
2.How can I get the controller to warn me when it is no power on my home grid (230vAC)?
Do you set monitoron=1 for INPD1?

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