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LK 3 SW 1.28a HW 3.7 and OLED

I would like to ask you about LK3 SW 1.28 and OLED. I have Tinycontrol DHT22 AM2320 and OLED https://tinycontrol.pl/en/accessories/bo...ion-board/ .

I have a problem with OLED - it simply doesn't work. I2C frequency is 100 Hz, OLED is enabled, still nothing on the screen.

DHT22 works without any problem. I bought another LK3 with expansion board with OLED and the result is the same :-( .

I have no idea what can be problem.
There was a batch of OLED plates with a short circuit between GND and 3.3V, the service cut them, but maybe they missed something. Check on this board if there is no track that needs to be cut.
Hello Tomek, thank you very much. I can confirm that both plates has the problem you mention. I tried to connect OLED to another GND and it works :-)

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