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Auth enabled - octavvian - 10-09-2017

Hi, when enabling auth in the access page, result in denying access to panel. Password not recognized...
fw 1.43b, same in 1.40b

Re: Auth enabled - wilkxt - 10-19-2017

what browser yo use, what is communicat?

Re: Auth enabled - octavvian - 10-20-2017

Hi, I'm using firefox. Without auth enabled it's working OK. After enabling the auth window appear but giving the right credentials I can't get login.

Re: Auth enabled - wilkxt - 10-20-2017

tray to change to standard user i pass:admin/admin and check

Re: Auth enabled - octavvian - 10-22-2017

OK, I'll try some more.

Late edit. Now it working, maybe was the browser. Strange.

Anyway, thanks for the tip.

Re: Auth enabled - octavvian - 10-28-2017

Hi, one more Big Grin, if u set in "events" let's say INP1D = 0 then OUT0 will change state and in "control/out" for OUT0 set reset time to 2s, this option will not execute when INP1D=0 the OUT0 stay 1 as long as the INP1D, no reset after 2 sec on OUT0. If you change state of OUT0 manually from "control/out" page, the reset time it's working but not from an event.
Any idea pls.

Re: Auth enabled - wilkxt - 10-29-2017

We check this

Re: Auth enabled - octavvian - 10-30-2017

Thanks, appreciated.

P.S. fw 1.42b

Re: Auth enabled - octavvian - 11-02-2017

Hi, any chance on looking at that issue? Thanks

Re: Auth enabled - wilkxt - 11-02-2017

yes, we repair this in next soft