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Hi, when enabling auth in the access page, result in denying access to panel. Password not recognized...
fw 1.43b, same in 1.40b
what browser yo use, what is communicat?
Hi, I'm using firefox. Without auth enabled it's working OK. After enabling the auth window appear but giving the right credentials I can't get login.
tray to change to standard user i pass:admin/admin and check
OK, I'll try some more.

Late edit. Now it working, maybe was the browser. Strange.

Anyway, thanks for the tip.
Hi, one more Big Grin, if u set in "events" let's say INP1D = 0 then OUT0 will change state and in "control/out" for OUT0 set reset time to 2s, this option will not execute when INP1D=0 the OUT0 stay 1 as long as the INP1D, no reset after 2 sec on OUT0. If you change state of OUT0 manually from "control/out" page, the reset time it's working but not from an event.
Any idea pls.
We check this
Thanks, appreciated.

P.S. fw 1.42b
Hi, any chance on looking at that issue? Thanks
yes, we repair this in next soft
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