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The Different Types of Tablet Packing Machines

    Packaging machinery is one of the vital equipment in the pharmaceutical industry, food processing, and chemical industries among which blister packaging machines are widely used for packaging capsules, pills, tablets, suppositories, etc. We can get an effective and safe packaging of tablets from a tablet press or capsules from capsule filling with the help of a blister packing machine. It contians different types for different use, such as pharmaceutical blister packing machine, food blister packaging machine, etc. The blister packing machine is designed for packing the different products (tablets, strong or delicate gelatin capsules, and so forth) into a blister.

    A wide variety of tablet packaging machines are available from different manufacturers. A high-speed machine that is ideal for different products such as tablets, dragees or capsules. Machines are robust and well constructed and generally provide high quality by using accurate temperature control, and the ability to exert variable pressure on the sealing rollers. A strip packaging machine is ideal for coating heat sealable films such as polymer-coated aluminum foil, cellophane and polymer-coated paper.

    The process of strip packing entails the packaging of pharmaceutical products consisting of lozenges, tablets, capsules, etc. between two sheets of heat-sealable foil like paper-poly and aluminum-poly.

    You seal the pharmaceutical product inside pockets created within two, continually moving foil sheets.

    The area about the pockets creates a hermetic seal hence providing a specific shelf life to the items contained within it.

    An automatic cartoning machine is a device that you can use to make special carton packages for different products. The machine involves an integration of light, electrical, air, and mechanical configurations to make a carton for different products. Since the machine is fully automatic, most of the controls are under a computer control system that regulates its operations.

    Capsule filling machines are used to fill empty capsules with substances, such as medicines or nutrients and are available in both personal and professional formats. Personal capsule filling machines are often manual or semi-automatic and used for families or for one's own use at an office and allow individuals to easily fill their capsules with the necessary medication. They are also often used by compounders to customize medication based on a patient’s specific need. Professional machines are designed for production or scientific use and can efficiently and safely produce thousands of capsules in a single hour. Fully automatic capsule filling machines must accurately fill capsules repeatedly, often with extremely low dosage weights.