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Pełna wersja: OUT0-4 not working
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My main relay OUT0 and pins OUT1-OUT4 suddenly stopped working on my LanController 3.7
Pin OUT5 works fine.
Any ideas what may have caused this issue and if possible, what to check or repair?
some measurements (all OUT channels are OFF in GUI):
VCC(12.09V according to GUI)
VCC-OUT1 = 11.88V
VCC-OUT2 = 7.31V
VCC-OUT3 = 7.31V
VCC-OUT4 = 7.31V
VCC-INPA6 = 8.34V
VCC-INPA5 = 8.34V
VCC-GND = 11.88V
VCC-PWM0 = 11.88V
5V-OUT1 = 4.96V
5V-OUT2 = 0.47V
5V-OUT3 = 0.47V
5V-OUT4 = 0.47V
5V-INPA6 = 1.63V
5V-INPA5 = 1.63V
5V-GND = 4.96V
5V-PWM0 = 4.96V

On coil pins of Relay OUT0 there is 0.17V in both on/off states.
Thank you in advance.